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Between The Lines is an occasional round which first appeared in the second episode of Mock The Week. Two panelists participate in this round, Hugh Dennis is always one of them.


This game takes place in the Press Pit . In this round, one of the participants impersonates someone in the news giving a speech, after each line the other player (Dennis) tells us what the person is really saying. Points are only awarded if there is at least one player from each team, in which case both teams would get equal points.


Of the two panelists that take part, Hugh Dennis always takes the part of saying what the famous person is really saying. The main impersonators were Rory Bremner for the first two series and Frankie Boyle for series 3 to 5. Sandi Toksvig, Greg Davies and Russell Howard each made one appearance as the impersonator, although not all of them had their performance broadcast in full.


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