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Headliners is a round that was first seen in the first episode of Mock The Week, it is played by all six panelists.


In this round, a photo of someone or something famous in the news is given, along with the initial letters of a newspaper headline. The panelists have to eventually guess what the headline is, though they initially come in with comic suggestions until Dara prompts someone to give the correct answer.

The panel's correct answersEdit

As of the 1 July 2012, Hugh Dennis has correctly identified 38 headlines, the most by one panelist. He is followed by Andy Parsons who has identified 14. Dennis and Parsons are the only two who have their totals in double figures. Russell Howard has got six.

For the previous regulars, Chris Addison has 5, Frankie Boyle has 4 and Rory Bremner has only one.

Occasionally it is the guest panel members who identify the headlines, Ed Byrne and Micky Flanagan have got 4 correct. Linda Smith and Zoe Lyons got one correct.

Eight headlines were not obtained by any panelist and lead to Ó Briain giving the correct answer.


List of HeadlinersEdit

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