If this is the answer,
what is the question?
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The answer from Series 8, Episode 5.


If this is the answer,
what is the question?

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If this is the answer, what is the question? is a regular round which first appeared in the second episode of Mock The Week. All six panelists paticipate in this round.


The round begins with a panelist (usually a guest) selecting a category from the six on the performance area board. Once the category is selected, the panel are presented with a statistical answer related to that category, they must identify what the question is or as close as they can get to the question. The first few attempts by the panel are nowhere near the correct question, or even in the correct category, as the panel are providing comedy.

The round ends when the correct question is stated, which is often when Ó Briain prompts the panel for it.

The panel's correct answersEdit

As of the 16 July 2015, Hugh Dennis has correctly identified 32 questions, the most by one panelist. Next is Andy Parsons who identified 29. Former panelist Frankie Boyle who identified 12, Russell Howard has identified 10 and Rory Bremner identified three during his time.

The guest panel members occasionally get the question correct as well as the regulars. Ed Byrne identified 7 questions, the highest for any guest panelists, followed by Josh Widdicombe and Sara Pascoe who each identified 4 questions.


  • This round is usually the penultimate round played, although it occasionally swaps places with "Headliners" or "Picture of the Week" and is played first.

List of answers and questionsEdit

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