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This is the list of answers and questions for the Mock The Week round, If this is the answer, what is the question?. As well as the answers and questions, this list also provides the name of the panelist who guessed the correct question.


     – Game won by Hugh and Frankie's / Hugh's team.
     – Game won by Rory's team / Andy's team / Andy and Russell's team.
     – Game tied.

List of Answers & Questions[]

Series 1[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
01x02 Bold and Brave How did Bob Geldof describe the sailors who will take part in "Sail Aid"? Rory Bremner
A Corpse TBC Rory Bremner
01x03 Ridiculously Large What kind of bids did people make on eBay in order to sabotage Live 8 ticket touts? Al Murray
Very Difficult How did Tony Blair describe negotiations between France and Britain over the European Union? Al Murray
01x04 A Streaker, a Stalker and a Defrocked Priest Who are among the ten undesirables banned from Wimbledon in 2005? Hugh Dennis
Creepy and Disturbing How did Rowan Atkinson describe the proposed racial and religious hatred bill? Hugh Dennis
01x05 Between 19 and 23 By how many feet COULD sea levels rise if global warming causes the ice caps to melt? David Mitchell
No, No, No What answer did Faria Alam give when asked by The Mail on Sunday whether David Davis had flirted with her? Rory Bremner

Series 2[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
02x01 A Vampire, a Lab Assistant and a Cat What are three of the characters George Galloway played during his stint in the Big Brother house? Hugh Dennis
02x02 Tired, Lost and Confused How did the whale who swam up the River Thames feel? Hugh Dennis
02x03 In a Supermarket Where will people soon be able to see a doctor under the government's much trumpeted health reforms? Frankie Boyle
02x04 Butter, Mascara and Pumping Equipment What Danish exports are being boycotted in the Middle East after the publication of an offensive cartoon? David Mitchell
02x05 30 Yards How far away was 78 year old Harry Whittington standing when US vice president Dick Cheney shot him? Frankie Boyle
02x06 Up to 18 Months According to one expert how soon can people expect Bird Flu to be passed from human to human? Frankie Boyle

Series 3[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
03x01 Lipstick, Vaseline and Jam What are among the list of things that are banned from planes? Frankie Boyle
03x02 9 Women What small group of MPs were the Liberal Democrats hoping to expand in the previous week? N/A
03x03 3 Billion How much did Richard Branson give to combat global warming? Andy Parsons
03x04 Every 12 Seconds According to new figures, how often is a moblie phone stolen? Frankie Boyle
03x05 24% According to a department of health survey, what percentage of adults in the UK are clinically obese? Hugh Dennis
03x06 Crazy, Loopy & Un-British How did the public describe "British Airways" decision to send home a worker for not covering her crucifix necklace? Andy Parsons

Series 4[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
04x01 Between 10,000 & 15,000 How many items of luggage were estimated to be stuck at Heathrow airport after recent flight delays? Russell Howard
04x02 Gun Runners, Robbers & Murderers What kind of convicted criminals were missing from the police records after a Home Office bungle? Andy Parsons
04x03 Battery Acid, Shampoo and Wine What was included in the cargo washed up on Branscombe beach? Andy Parsons
04x04 265 Million How much will be invested in developing the site of Britain's first super casino? Hugh Dennis
04x05 10 Minutes How long might some lessons now last under proposed secondary school reforms? Russell Howard

Series 5[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
05x01 Over 31,000 Tonnes What is the estimated size of Live Earth's carbon footprint? Frankie Boyle
05x02 250,000 How many Beckham replica shirts are LA Galaxy already claiming to have sold? Russell Howard
05x03 15 Per Second How quickly were copies of the final Harry Potter book selling on lauch day? Lauren Laverne
05x04 8.6 Million a Day How many photographs are being uploaded onto Facebook? Russell Howard
05x05 Serious, Risky and Heroic How did proud Russian officials describe their country's mission to claim the North Pole? Frankie Boyle
05x06 10% How big is Labour's lead over the Conservatives this week? Andy Parsons
05x07 25 In a Row For how many years have the UK's school exam results been improving? Russell Howard
05x08 Sparrows, Otters and Hedgehogs Name three endangered species on a recently updated government list? Ed Byrne
05x09 2025 When do the Russians intend to begin building a permanent lunar base? Hugh Dennis
05x10 Middlesbrough, Rhyl and Liverpool Areas of which towns have the lowest expectancy of a healthy life? Ed Byrne
05x11 25p How much were a criminal gang paying for fake viagra tablets that they later sold for up to £20 each? Hugh Dennis

Series 6[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
06x01 One Million Per Cent What is the estimated current inflation rate in Zimbabwe? Lucy Porter
06x02 100 Pounds a Day How much has been wiped of the value of the average British home since January 2008? Frankie Boyle
06x03 Cheese, Wine and Rubbish What everyday products are being used to develop new fuels for cars? Hugh Dennis
06x04 60,000 How much has been awarded to Max Mosley following his high court win against the News of the World? Andy Parsons
06x05 85,000 Miles How far did the Olympic Flame travel to get to Beijing? Andy Parsons
06x06 691 Million How much money in pounds did the Royal Bank of Scotland lose in the first half of 2008? Russell Howard
06x07 9 How many medals did Great Britain's Olympic team win on Saturday (16 August 2008)? Hugh Dennis
06x08 1,433 Days How long until the London 2012 Olympics from the 24 August 2008? Frankie Boyle
06x09 1 How many times had presidential candidate John McCain met Sarah Palin before choosing her as his running mate? Hugh Dennis
06x10 4% How far is John McCain ahead of Barack Obama in some of the presidential polls? Frankie Boyle
06x11 158 Years How long had the U.S. bank Lehman Brothers been trading before it went bust? Frankie Boyle

Series 7[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
07x01 50 Nights How many nights was Michael Jackson due to play at the O2? Andy Parsons
07x02 One Million What is the minimum amount the News of the World paid to victims of the phone tapping scandal? Rhod Gilbert
07x03 40 Years How long has it been since man first set foot on the moon? Russell Howard
07x04 27 How old is Chloe Smith, the Conservative winner of the Norwich North By-election? Frankie Boyle
07x05 50% According to Harriet Harman, what proportion of the top two posts in the labour party should be allocated to woman? Hugh Dennis
07x06 Once a Minute On average, how often do public bodies request access to private phone and e-mail records? Hugh Dennis
07x08 One Fifth What proportion of Scotland's tourist income is provided by American tourists? Hugh Dennis
07x09 200 Hours How many hours of their prime time schedule will Channel 4 have to fill after cancelling Big Brother? Russell Howard
07x10 1 In 500 How many of London Midland Suunday train services were running as normal on the previous weekend? Andy Parsons
07x11 175 Billion How much is the country's budget deficit expected to reach this year? Hugh Dennis
07x12 Over a Million On what value of house to the Liberal Democrats want to introduce a new tax? Andy Parsons

Series 8[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
08x01 35 Seconds How long will it take new airport scanners to scan? Russell Howard
08x02 1.84 Billion How much did Avatar gross in just seventeen days? Andy Parsons
08x03 2035 What year was it assumed that the Himalayas Glaciers would disappear? Hugh Dennis
08x04 12 Minutes How long did Fabio Capello take to sack John Terry? Russell Howard
08x05 17 Days How long were the winter olympics? Hugh Dennis

Series 9[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
09x01 Golf Balls, Tyres and Rubbish What items have BP used trying to block the flow of oil from the damaged underwater pipe in the Gulf of Mexico? Hugh Dennis
09x02 3.5 Billion How much will the World Cup cost South Africa? Jack Whitehall
09x03 Obesity, Warts & Indigestion What ailments have been given as reasons for being unfit to work by incapasity claimers? Hugh Dennis
09x04 15 How many cards did Howard Webb show during the World Cup final? Zoe Lyons
09x05 35 Million a year How many fake sick days do British workers take each year? Hugh Dennis
09x07 3 How many no balls were allegedy delievered to order by Pakistan cricketers in the recent controversy? Andy Parsons
09x08 Animals, Candles and Alcohol What items are amongst those banned from the public events hosted by Pope Benedict XVI while in the UK? Hugh Dennis
09x09 500,000 According to press reports, up to how many people turned out to see Pope Benedict XVI during his 4 day visit to the UK? Andy Parsons
09x10 7 years How much time has Delhi had to prepare for the 2010 Commonwealth Games? Chris Addison
09x11 4 Days How long did this year's Ryder Cup last? Hugh Dennis

Series 10[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
10x01 500 million How much does the organising committee of the London Olympics hope to raise from ticket sales for next year's Games? Andy Parsons
10x02 Around 24,000 Approximately how many pages of Sarah Palin's e-mails were released in the last week? Ed Byrne
10x03 2 years How long do experts predict it will take for the Euro to break apart? Andy Parsons
10x04 15 minutes How long did it take for the second round of Olympic tickets to sell out for major events? Andy Parsons
10x05 1 How many matches has the new Wimbledon champion Novak Djovokic lost this year? Hugh Dennis
10x07 7 How many medals Great Britain and Northern Ireland won in the 2011 World Athletics Championship in Daegu, South Korea? Andy Parsons
10x08 6 1/2 weeks What is the duration of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand? Andy Parsons
10x09 328 billion What is the total debt in Euros faced by Greece? Chris Addison
10x10 12 years For how many more years will Vladimir Putin be president of Russia if he wins next year's election? Hugh Dennis
10x11 10 By how many miles per hour is the UK government looking to raise the motorway speed limit? Ed Byrne
10x12 Booze, blondes and dwarves What are the things the England rugby team may be best remembered for after the 2011 Rugby World Cup? Hugh Dennis

Series 11[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
11x01 Trains, Toilets and Celebrities What 3 things were most complained about at the Queen's Jubilee? Chris Addison
11x02 Chickens, Nurses and Rain What are the 3 main elements of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony? Hugh Dennis
11x03 35 Billion What is the average tax gap in the UK? Zoe Lyons
11x04 100 What percentage is the London 2012 Olympics overbudget? Hugh Dennis
11x05 74 years Before Andy Murray, how long had passed between a British man reaching the Wimbledon finals? Andy Parsons
11x07 11 Days How long do the 2012 Paralympics last for? Chris Addison
11x08 736 How many Olympic and Paralympic athletes took part in the London 2012 parade? Chris Ramsey
11x09 600 Metres From what distance did the French magazine Closer took pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge topless? Andy Parsons
11x10 8% What percentage of people will vote for the Liberal Democrats? Hugh Dennis
11x11 14 1/2 How many points did the European Ryder Cup team get? Andy Parsons
11x12 10 Billion By how much is the government planning to cut the benefits budget? Andy Parsons

Series 12[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
12x01 197 How many intelligence reports have been produced as a result of the PRISM program? Hugh Dennis
12x02 8 How many care commandments have been proposed for hospitals? Andy Parsons
12x03 11.5 Billion How much is George Osborne planning to cut the budget by? Chris Addison
12x04 43 Years How long could newly discovered shale gas power the UK? Chris Addison
12x05 Yoga, Sushi & Ice What did Andy Murray use to train in preparation for the Wimbledon final? Andy Parsons
12x06 9% By how much should MPs salaries rise according to the Indepedent Parliament? Ed Byrne
12x07 13 How many votes was David Cameron beat by on the vote against Syria? Hugh Dennis
12x08 56 years What is the gap between the Olympic Games hosted in Tokyo? Andy Parsons
12x09 5p How much supermarkets will charge for plastic bags after the next general election, according to the Lib-Dems. Andy Parsons
12x10 1.75 billion years How many years do humans have left on earth? Rob Beckett
12x11 95% What are the chances that humans created climate change? Josh Widdicombe

Series 13[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
13x01 32 Days How long will the World Cup last for? Katherine Ryan
13x02 3 Billion How many viewers has the World Cup got? Sara Pascoe
13x03 56 Years How long has it been since England failed to make it through the group stage of the World Cup? Josh Widdicombe
13x04 2 How many European election voters voted against Jean-Claude Juncker? Rob Beckett
13x05 339 Miles How far did the Tour de France go through Britain? Josh Widdicombe
13x06 4 Years When are they going to build a spaceport in the UK? Andy Parsons
13x07 307 Years How long has Scotland been a part of Great Britain? Josh Widdicombe
13x08 Oil, Money & Missiles What 3 major things are being debated if Scotland votes yes to independence? Sara Pascoe
13x09 No How did Scotland voted in the Scottish Independence Referendum? Andy Parsons
13x10 8 out of 10 In the last 2 decades, how many Ryder Cups have the European team won against USA? Sara Pascoe
13x11 2% How much were the Conservatives leading against Labour Party in recent polls? Zoe Lyons

Series 14[]

Show Answer Question Correct Panellist
14x01 5 How many candidates are there in the leadership for Labour Party? Hugh Dennis
14x02 7 months How long has the spacecraft Philae spent on hibernation after landing on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in November? Andy Parsons
14x03 1.6 billion How much in Euros must Greece pay back to IMF by 30 June 2015? Sara Pascoe
14x04 1/3 How much the works on network rails have missed 1 year into a 5-year rail improvement plans? Hugh Dennis
14x05 Petrol, Money and Drugs What are the items Greece risk running out of following Greece's referendum on EU bailout terms? Ed Byrne
14x06 33 How old is the newest Wimbledon champion Serena Williams? Ed Byrne
14x07 [[]]
14x08 [[]]
14x09 [[]]
14x10 [[]]
14x11 [[]]

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