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This is the list of headlines for the Mock The Week round, Headliners. This list includes episode air dates, the initials, what the initials stand for and which panelist got the correct answer.


     – Game won by Hugh and Frankie's / Hugh's team.
     – Game won by Rory's team / Andy's team / Andy and Russell's team.
     – Game tied.

List of Headliners[]

Series 1[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
01x01 5 June 2005 C.F.B. Crisis For Blair N/A
B.O.F.A. Bunk Off For Africa Linda Smith & Hugh Dennis
01x02 12 June 2005 S.T.W.M. Saddam's Trial Within Months N/A
01x03 19 June 2005 J.F.N.G. Jackson Found Not Guilty Hugh Dennis
01x04 26 June 2005 B.F.S.B. Blair Favours Smoking Ban N/A
01x05 3 July 2005 B.W.C.B. Blair Wins Card Battle N/A

Series 2[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
02x01 20 January 2006 C.I.S.T. Cameron Is Serious Threat Rory Bremner
02x02 27 January 2006 L.D.L.C. Liberal Democrat Leadership Crisis N/A
02x03 3 February 2006 S.T.I.C. Saddam Trial In Chaos Hugh Dennis
02x04 10 February 2006 H.I.F.G. Hamza Is Found Guilty Hugh Dennis
02x05 17 February 2006 B.I.D.P. Brown In Dual Premiership Hugh Dennis
02x06 24 February 2006 W.S.B.S. Wembley Stadium Behind Schedule Hugh Dennis

Series 3[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
03x01 14 September 2006 B.R.N.S. Blair Retiring Next Summer Hugh Dennis
03x02 21 September 2006 P.S.O.M. Pope's Speech Offends Muslims N/A
03x03 28 September 2006 C.T.A.L. Cherie — That's a Lie Hugh Dennis
03x04 5 October 2006 T.C.S.P. Tax Cuts Split Party Andy Parsons
03x05 12 October 2006 K.T.S.W. Korea Test Shocks World Andy Parsons
03x06 19 October 2006 B.A.R.B. British Army Risks Breakdown Andy Parsons

Series 4[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
04x01 11 January 2007 B.B.G.F. Blair's Bee Gee Freebie Hugh Dennis
04x02 18 January 2007 D.B.P.B. David Beckham's Pay Bonanza Hugh Dennis
04x03 25 January 2007 H.I.P.R. Hillary In Presidential Race Hugh Dennis
04x04 1 February 2007 R.I.P.S. Reid In Prisons Scandal Ed Byrne
04x05 8 February 2007 B.T.A.D. British Turkeys Are Destroyed Hugh Dennis

Series 5[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
05x01 12 July 2007 G.B.T.C. Gordon Brown Takes Charge Hugh Dennis
05x02 19 July 2007 C.S.I.P. Conservatives Slide In Polls N/A
05x03 26 July 2007 R.F.H.B. Record Floods Hit Britain Andy Parsons
05x04 2 August 2007 B.C.S.R. Brown Continues Special Relationship Andy Parsons
05x05 9 August 2007 F.A.M.B. Foot and Mouth's Back Hugh Dennis
05x06 16 August 2007 E.P.I.H. Environmental Protesters Invade Heathrow Andy Parsons
05x07 23 August 2007 T.F.H.C. Tories Fight Hospital Cuts Andy Parsons
05x08 30 August 2007 P.T.S.D. Prescott to Stand Down Hugh Dennis
05x09 6 September 2007 B.C.A.H. Bill Campaigns Alongside Hillary Russell Howard
05x10 13 September 2007 N.O.T.R. New Osama Tape Released Russell Howard
05x11 20 September 2007 P.M.O.C. Pressure Mounts on Campbell Russell Howard

Series 6[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
06x01 10 July 2008 C.D.W.B. Church Decrees Women Bishops N/A
06x02 17 July 2008 R.I.S.C. Ronaldo In Slave Controversy Ed Byrne
06x03 24 July 2008 B.G.I.D. Brown Gives Iran Deadline Frankie Boyle
06x04 31 July 2008 B.O.T.E. Barack Obama Tours Europe Andy Parsons
06x05 7 August 2008 B.M.C.B. Blair Memo Criticises Brown Hugh Dennis
06x06 14 August 2008 B.G.M.C. Beijing Games Most Costly Hugh Dennis
06x07 21 August 2008 C.S.B.S. Cameron Slams Broken Society Hugh Dennis
06x08 28 August 2008 C.A.D.C. Clintons Address Democratic Convention Hugh Dennis
06x09 4 September 2008 D.I.R.B. Darling In Recession Blunder Hugh Dennis
06x10 11 September 2008 M.G.S.W. Murray's Grand Slam Woe Hugh Dennis
06x11 18 September 2008 B.F.L.C. Brown Faces Leadership Crisis Andy Parsons

Series 7[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
07x01 09 July 2009 R.B.W.F. Record-Breaking Wimbledon Final Russell Howard
07x02 16 July 2009 B.L.S.C. Brown's Leadership Style Criticised Frankie Boyle
07x03 23 July 2009 C.E.P.L. Conservatives Extend Poll Lead Hugh Dennis
07x04 30 July 2009 B.I.T.S. Berlusconi In Tape Scandal Hugh Dennis
07x05 6 August 2009 A.C.I.P. Ayatollah Confirms Iranian President Hugh Dennis
07x06 13 August 2009 C.S.A.R. Clinton Saves American Reporters Ed Byrne
07x08 27 August 2009 E.W.A.F. England Wins Ashes Finale Frankie Boyle
07x09 3 September 2009 L.C.G.A. Libya Celebrates Gaddafi Anniversary Hugh Dennis
07x10 10 September 2009 T.L.D.P. Televised Leaders' Debate Proposed Frankie Boyle
07x11 17 September 2009 E.R.W.C. England Reaches World Cup Hugh Dennis
07x12 24 September 2009 O.C.S.W. Obama Cancels Star Wars Andy Parsons

Series 8[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
08x01 21 January 2010 T.L.E.C. Tories Launch Election Campaign Hugh Dennis
08x02 28 January 2010 R.O.C.B. Recession Over Confirms Brown Hugh Dennis
08x03 4 February 2010 B.G.B.C. Blair Grilled By Chilcot Andy Parsons
08x04 11 February 2010 P.T.F.C. Payback Time For Commons Hugh Dennis
08x05 18 February 2010 E.F.G.C. Election Fever Grips Country Russell Howard

Series 9[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
09x01 17 June 2010 E.D.O.G. England Draw Opening Game Chris Addison
09x02 24 June 2010 C.A.E.B. Coalition Announce Emergency Budget Russell Howard
09x03 1 July 2010 G.C.E.D. Germans Crush England's Dream Micky Flanagan
09x04 15 July 2010 M.B.A.L. Mandelson's Book Angers Labour Hugh Dennis
09x05 22 July 2010 C.A.B.S. Cameron Announces Big Society Hugh Dennis
09x07 16 September 2010 B.M.I.S. Blair's Memoires: Incredible Sales Chris Addison
09x08 23 September 2010 L.B.I.T. Leadership Battle Increasingly Tight Micky Flanagan
09x09 30 September 2010 C.D.C.R. Clegg Defends Coalition Role Hugh Dennis
09x10 7 October 2010 E.M.D.B. Ed Miliband Defeats Brother Hugh Dennis
09x11 14 October 2010 S.C.D.C. Spending Cuts Dominate Conference Ed Byrne

Series 10[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
10x01 9 June 2011 B.S.I.P. Blatter Stays In Power Chris Addison
10x02 16 June 2011 E.M.I.T. Ed Milliband In Trouble Micky Flanagan
10x03 23 June 2011 G.U.P.C. Government U-Turns Provokes Criticism Andy Parsons
10x04 30 June 2011 G.T.O.T. Gove Tough Over Teachers Micky Flanagan
10x05 7 July 2011 P.I.B.C. Pickles In Benefit Controversy Hugh Dennis
10x07 8 September 2011 C.A.T.L. Cameron Advocates Tough Love Hugh Dennis
10x08 15 September 2011 C.F.I.P. Chancellor Facing Increasing Pressure Hugh Dennis
10x09 22 September 2011 C.R.C.T. Conference Reveals Coalition Tensions Andy Parsons
10x10 29 September 2011 L.A.P.M. Labour Admits Past Mistakes Andy Parsons
10x11 6 October 2011 C.A.F.S. Cameron Apologises For Sexism Hugh Dennis
10x12 13 October 2011 F.S.R.C. Fox Scandal Rocks Conservatives Hugh Dennis

Series 11[]

Show Air date Initials Headline Correct Panellist
11x01 14 June 2012 O.B.E.C. Osborne Blames European Crisis Chris Addison
11x02 21 June 2012 C.I.D.W. Cameron Issues Dire Warning Chris Addison
11x03 1 July 2012 P.H.F.E. Penalty Heartache For England Zoe Lyons

Panelists total[]

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