Episode 1
Title Series 1, Episode 1
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Linda Smith
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team John Oliver
Rory Bremner
Jeremy Hardy
Result Draw
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The first episode of the first series was first broadcast on the 5 June 2005.

Guests[edit | edit source]

Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Linda Smith 1st appearance
Rory's team John Oliver 1st appearance
Jeremy Hardy 1st appearance

Rounds[edit | edit source]

Inside The Mind Of...[edit | edit source]

  • What are the voices in George W. Bush's head saying?
    • RB: Breath in, breat out, breath in, breat out.
    • LS: You want a drink, if you have a drink everything will be alright, you can silence me with a drink!
    • JO: George, even we, as an abstract version of your inner soul, would like to completely disown you.
    • JH: Kyoto is the Dog in "The Wizard of Oz".
    • FB: If you step on the cracks in the pavement George we have to invade Súria.
    • HD: Gee there's a lot of room in here, (echo) here, here.
    • RB: Tony is coming to Washington, look busy.

Wheel of News[edit | edit source]

Michael Howard Education ASBOs ID Cards The Nation's Health
Rory Bremner Frankie Boyle Linda Smith Jeremy Hardy Hugh Dennis & John Oliver

Bombshell Phonecalls[edit | edit source]

  • Frank Boyle as Tony Blair
  • Rory Bremner as David Blunkett
  • David may have got Cherie Blair pregnant

Headliners[edit | edit source]

  • C.F.B. – Crisis For Blair
    • JH: Cherie Flashes Blair
    • RB: "Compromise, Frenchman, Bollocks"
    • JH: Crazy Frog's Bitch
    • RB: Chirac Fondles Blair
    • LS: "Cab For Blair"
    • FB: Collaborating French Bastards
  • B.O.F.A. – Bunk Off For Africa
    • HD: Bob's Odour Free Armpit
    • FB: Bob: "Oh Fuck Africa"
    • HD: Bob: "Ouch Fleas Again"
    • JH: Britney On Fags Again
    • JO: Bob's Owl Fight Aftermath

Prime Mininster's Questions[edit | edit source]

  • "Thousand Toads Explode"

  • DÓ: Speaker of the House of Commons.
  • RB: Tony Blair.
  • JO: One of Blair's Labour colleagues on the front bench.
  • JH: One of Blair's Labour colleagues on the front bench.
  • HD: One of the opposition benchers
  • LS: One of the opposition benchers
  • FB: One of the opposition benchers

Dating Videos[edit | edit source]

Scenes We'd Like To See[edit | edit source]

Main article: Scenes We'd Like To See: Series 1, Episode 1
  • Things a New Pope Shouldn't Say In His First Public Speech.
  • Books Heading Straight For the Remaindered Bin.
  • Slogans That the Tory Party Should Have Used In the Election.
  • If Politicians Endorsed Products.

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