Episode 2
Title Series 1, Episode 2
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Jo Brand
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team Andy Parsons
Rory Bremner
Mark Steel
Result Hugh and Frankie's team won
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The second episode of the first series was first broadcast on the 12 June 2005.

Guests[edit | edit source]

Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Jo Brand 1st appearance
Rory's team Andy Parsons 1st appearance
Mark Steel 1st appearance

Rounds[edit | edit source]

Headliners[edit | edit source]

  • S.T.W.M. – Saddam's Trial Within Months
    • AP: Saddam Twinned With Mordor.
    • RB: Sad Tyrant Wants Mate.
    • HD: Saddam Talks West Midlands.
    • JB: Savour of The Woman's Movement
    • HD: Sorry Tony Wepons Missing.
    • RB: Saddam Thinks, "Why Me?"

Between The Lines[edit | edit source]

Hugh Dennis tells us what Prince Charles (Rory Bremner) is really saying.

  • RB: Um, Hello Mummy... Gosh, you look so well
  • HD: Blast
  • RB: Um, a liitle birdie tells me
  • HD: It's all over the newspapers
  • RB: Today is a very special day
  • HD: You're still alive
  • RB: Um, I, I don't know how you do it
  • HD: I don't know why you do it
  • RB: You just seem to go on and on
  • HD: And on and on and on
  • RB: I'm sure I speak for the rest of the family, when I say um, er,
  • HD: Boo
  • RB: You know, that's very good
  • HD: (as Charles) Thank you very much
  • RB: What do you do?
  • HD: (as Charles) I make organic biscuits
  • RB: Marvelllous, marvellous ... I'm sorry, I've lost the thread now, erm...
  • RB: Anyway, we hope you have a lovely day, oh, and i'm looking forward to the 21 gun salute
  • HD: They're loaded

Stand Up, Sit Down[edit | edit source]

Climate Change Live 8 Reality TV London Olympic Bid United States
Hugh Dennis Rory Bremner Jo Brand Mark Steel Andy Parsons & Frankie Boyle

If this is the answer, what is the question?[edit | edit source]

Famous People
  • Answer: Bold and Brave
  • Question: How did Bob Geldof describe the sailers who will take part in "Sail Aid"?
  • AP: How would you describe the Crazy Frog, given he wears a crash helmet, but no underpants?
  • RB: What would you have to be to say "Wrong number" to Rusell Crowe?
  • JB: What sort of washing up powder did they use at Custer's Last Stand?
  • AP: What you would describe anyone who goes into an NHS hospital for a routine operation?
  • FB: What are David Beckham's pet names for his testicles?

International News
  • Answer: A Corpse
  • Question: How did Leo Fox decribed the Conservative Party?
  • FB: What came second to Ann Widdecombe in a poll of things we'd least like to sleep with?
  • JB: Is what medical students use if they can't find a frisbee?
  • HD: If you live in the small television village of Midsomer, what will you soon be?
  • RB: What's Michael Jackson come as?
  • MS: Who's 11:10 favourite to win the Conservative leader reign?
  • RB: What do you call a small area of woodland in Glasgow?
  • FB: What do you find in a samll area of woodland in Glasgow?
  • AP: What will improve Celebrity Love Island?

Prime Mininster's Questions[edit | edit source]

  • "Monkey On The Run After a Fight With Father"

  • DÓ: Speaker of the House of Commons
  • RB: Tony Blair
  • MS: One of Blair's Labour colleagues on the front bench
  • AP: One of Blair's Labour colleagues on the front bench
  • HD: One of the opposition benchers
  • JB: One of the opposition benchers
  • FB: One of the opposition benchers

Dating Videos[edit | edit source]

Scenes We'd Like To See[edit | edit source]

Main article: Scenes We'd Like To See: Series 1, Episode 2
  • Unsettling things to hear in the White House.
  • Discarded titles for the next Harry Potter book.
  • Things you shouldn't say to the Queen on being given your honour.

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