Episode 86
Title Series 10, Episode 3
Air date 23 June 2011
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Stewart Francis
Hugh Dennis
Chris Addison
Right team Andy Parsons
Ava Vidal
Seann Walsh
Result Hugh's team won
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The third episode of the tenth series was first broadcast on the 23 June 2011.


Team Guest #
Hugh's team Chris Addison 11th appearance
Stewart Francis 8th appearance
Andy's team Ava Vidal 1st appearance
Seann Walsh 4th appearance



  • G.U.P.C. – Government U-Turns Provoke Criticism
    • CA: Girls, Uniforms, Patience, Clegg
    • AP: Genetises Unveil Pointless Clone
    • HD: Goose, Ugly Fruit, Pheasant and a Coke
    • AV: Gormless Underachievers Punish Country
    • SF: Gay Union Parade Cameron
    • SW: Gloves Unnecessary for Prostate Check
    • AP: Geniunely Unfunny Photo Caption

Pippa Middleton's Butt Of JokesEdit

Parenting Night Clubs Jobs
Ava Vidal Seann Walsh Stewart Francis

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?Edit

Foreign News
  • Answer: 2 Years
  • Question: Approximately how long would it take the Euro to break apart?

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

  • Unlikely Lines From A Superhero Film
  • Unlikely Things For A Continuity Announcer To Say
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