Episode 97
Title Series 11, Episode 1
Air date 14 June 2012
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Greg Davies
Hugh Dennis
Chris Addison
Right team Andy Parsons
Nathan Caton
Micky Flanagan
Result Chris and Hugh's team won
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The first episode of the eleventh series was first broadcast on the 14 June 2012


Team Guest #
Chris and Hugh's team Greg Davies 5th appearance
Andy's team Nathan Caton 2nd appearance
Micky Flanagan 8th appearance



    • O.B.E.C. - Osborne Blames European Crisis
      • AP: Old Berliner Eats Chin
      • NC: Oh, Bubblegum's Extra Chewy
      • GD: Opulant Bellend Enjoys Coffee
      • MF: Osborne Bangs Euro Cutie
      • CA: Oberschichtige Berühmte Englische Currywurst
      • HD: Oh, Blimey, Ēs Catastrophe
      • CA: Offensichtliche Beschämende Egoistische Currywurst
      • CA: Orangefarbige Bestechliche Ehrgeizige Currywurst
      • HD: Osborne Believes he is Elvis's Child

Angela Smirkel's Comedy BailoutEdit

Finance Health Relaxation
Andy Parsons Nathan Caton Chris Addison

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?Edit

Home News
  • Answer: Trains, Toilets and Celebrities
  • Question: What 3 things were most complained about at the Queen's Jubilee?
  • NC: If you're going to make a sex tape on public transport, what three things do you need?
  • HD: What three flavors come through when you're tasting English wine?
  • CA: According to the coalition agreement, what three things do the Lib-Dems have responsibility for?
  • HD: Name three things I've left my umbrella in
  • MF: Is it three things you're probably best off not to lick clean?
  • CA: What is the name of Thomas the Tank Engine's no holds barred autobiography?
  • GD: What Peter Andre says when he's asked what his daily routine is?
  • HD: What do we do better then Morocco?
  • AP: Name three things I've puked on at the Edinburgh Festival
  • CA: What are the three main talking points on a Saga holiday?
  • AP: Is it three things that are full of shit?

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

  • Unlikely Things To Hear At An Awards Ceremony
  • Unlikely Lines From A Thriller

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