Episode 107
Title Series 11, Episode 11
Air date 4 October 2012
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Gary Delaney
Hugh Dennis
Chris Addison
Right team Andy Parsons
Ed Byrne
Alun Cochrane
Result Chris and Hugh's team won
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The eleventh episode of the eleventh series was first broadcast on the 4 October 2012


Team Guest #
Chris and Hugh's team Gary Delaney 3rd appearance
Andy's team Ed Byrne 22nd appearance
Alun Cochrane 5th appearance



    • M.F.I.B. - Miliband Fights Image Battle
    • CA: Miliband Fondles Invisible Buttocks
    • AP: Massive Flag In Background
    • HD: Martian Freak Invades Britain
    • GD: My Fault Innit Bruv
    • AP: M.F.I Bollocks
    • EB: My Fanny Is Burning
    • CA: Mo Farah Is Black (How Ed Miliband knocks some sense into a BNP rally)
    • AC: Man Focuses In Background
    • EB: Majorca, Fellrachi, Ibiza, Brilliant
    • CA: Mogli's Friend Is Baloo
    • HD: Martin Freeman Is Bilbo
    • AP: Miliband Fears Irritating Battle
    • AP: [Miliband Fears] Irritable Bowel

Wakey Wakey, Rory Mock-IlroyEdit

Parenting Celebrity
Ed Byrne Gary Delaney

If this the answer what is the question?Edit

  • Answer: 14 ½
  • Question: How many points did the European Ryder Cup team get?
  • GD: How many weeks does it now take Mickey Rourke to get an erection?
  • HD: What glass slipper size would have made Prince Charming go, "OK, I'll leave it"?
  • AP: How many pubes do the band One Direction have?
  • EB: How many months does Wayne Rooney think there are in a year?
  • AC: How many Shades of Grey are there really?
  • CA: How many minutes did it take to write Gangnam Style?
  • HD: How many pints would the Seven Dwarves get through if Snow White was there and all of them were driving?
  • AP: How far into Jamie Oliver's 15-Minute Meals did I realise I didn't have the right ingredients?
  • CA: How many hairs has Dara got left? [Audience: Awww] (Dara: That's cruel)

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

  • Unlikely Things For A Sports Commentator To Say
  • Bad Things To Say At A Job Interview
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