Episode 113
Title Series 12, Episode 4
Air date 4 July 2013
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Milton Jones
Hugh Dennis
Chris Addison
Right team Andy Parsons
Ava Vidal
Ed Byrne
Result Andy's team won
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The second episode of the twelfth series was first broadcast on the 4 July 2013


Team Guest #
Chris and Hugh's team Milton Jones 20th appearance
Andy's team Ava Vidal 4th appearance
Ed Byrne 23rd appearance



    • L.L.I.S. - Labour Lead Is Slipping
    • CA: Labour Leader Is Shit
    • HD: Llis (Welsh town they are photographed in)
    • MJ: Look, Look, I Silly
    • AP: Lump Lodged In Sinus
    • EB: Let's Live In Sin
    • AV: Let Loose Invisible Sphere
    • AP: Lubricated Love-egg Is Slipping
    • EB: Labour Like It Sexy
    • CA: Lord, Let It Stop
    • HD: Lindsay Lohan Is Shitfaced
    • CA: Look, Love, I'm Speaking
    • AP: Lose Leader, Invite Sibling

Rolling Stone Gathers No MocksEdit

Parenting Science The USA
Ava Vidal Chris Addison Milton Jones

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?Edit

Home News
  • Answer: 43 Years
  • Question: How long could newly discovered shale gas power the UK?
  • AV: How long does it take to repay a £10 loan from
  • CA: What is the life expectancy for someone who works at Greggs?
  • AP: What is the average Silverstone lap time for a Formula 1 car on Pirelli tyres?
  • HD: How long is too long to be out for if you say "I'm just popping down to the shops for a minute"?
  • MJ: How old is the Earth if Michelle Obama really is the first lady?
  • EB: How old did Dara look when he was 25?
  • AP: How long have my parents regretted using pulling out as a contraceptive?
  • EB: How long will Julian Assange be living in an embassy before he finally goes "You know what, I should've gone to jail"?
  • AV: If Ed Miliband remains leader, how long will it be before Labor get back into power?
  • CA: What is the MILF age of consent?
  • HD: If you put in a ready-meal 43 years ago, how long has it been ready for?
  • CA: In how many years will Brazil be ready to host the 2014 World Cup?
  • CA: How long can Gerard Depardieu balance a spoon on his nose?

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

  • Lines You Wouldn't Hear In A Sci-Fi Movie
  • Unlikely Personal Ads
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