Episode 114
Title Series 12, Episode 5
Air date 11 July 2013
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Hal Cruttenden
Hugh Dennis
Chris Addison
Right team Andy Parsons
Josh Widdicombe
Ed Byrne
Result Andy's team won
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The fifth episode of the twelfth series was first broadcast on the 11 July 2013


Team Guest #
Chris and Hugh's team Hal Cruttenden 1st appearance
Andy's team Josh Widdicombe 7th appearance
Ed Byrne 24th appearance


If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?Edit

  • Answer: Yoga, Sushi & Ice
  • Question: What did Andy Murray use to train in preparation for the Wimbledon final?
  • HC: Is this what Eric Pickles uses to deal with trapped wind?
  • JW: What would the Three Wise Men have brought Jesus if he was born in Notting Hill?
  • CA: You think your Chinese tattoo says 'Keep the Faith'. What does it actually mean?
  • AP: What does Madonna smell of?
  • EB: 16 years from now, what will my son say when I ask him what A-Levels he's doing?
  • HD: Name three things Nigella won't be asking Charles Saatchi to pay for anymore?
  • AP: Is it Pingu's rider?
  • HD: What is the strapline to the hit Japanese television program The Loose-Limbed Fish Eaters Of The Arctic?
  • JW: What answer will you get if you ask Paris Hilton to name the elements?
  • EB: If you own a bar in Soho, what should you call it to guarantee it will always be full of wankers?
  • AP: What are three things that are difficult to sell door to door?
  • CA: Name three things that can make you lose the feeling in your legs.

Mock The Creek Without A PaddleEdit

The North South Divide The Home
Hal Cruttenden Josh Widdicombe

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

  • Unlikely Things To Hear On Daytime TV
  • Unlikely Things To Hear In Hospital
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