Episode 7
Title Series 2, Episode 1
Air date 20 January 2006
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Jo Brand
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team John Oliver
Rory Bremner
Andy Parsons
Result Rory's team won
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The first episode of the second series was first broadcast on the 20 January 2006.


Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Jo Brand 4th appearance
Rory's team John Oliver 4th appearance
Andy Parsons 3rd appearance


If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

  • Answer: A Vampire, a Lab Assistant and a Cat
  • Question: What are three of the characters George Galloway played during his stint in the Big Brother house?
  • JO: After which book did most people agree C.S Lewis had lost it?
  • HD: What do Bananarama look like now?
  • FB: Who have all been approved for teaching posts this week?
  • HD: In an early and terrible translation of the Bible, what did the 3 wise men give the baby Jesus?
  • AP: Harry's first 3 choices before going for a Nazi uniform?
  • FB: How are Turkey planning to combat bird flu?
  • HD: Who responded to Ann Widdicombe's Lonely Hearts ad?
  • JB: What were the disguises of the unsucsessful New of the World reporters?

Between the Lines

Hugh Dennis tells us what Charles Kennedy (Rory Bremner) is really saying about his resignation as the Liberal Democrat leader.

  • RB: Hello
  • HD: Goodbye
  • RB: Can I first of all say how wonderful it is to see so many of you here today
  • HD: I can't see any of you here today
  • RB: But I think it's a great thing so many of you have come here on such an important occasion
  • HD: You bastards
  • RB: As you know I've got a few things I'd like to get off my chest
  • HD: My name is Charles and i'm an alcholic
  • RB: As i've said before we've had a great year and he now have as many as 62 Liberal Democrat MPs
  • HD: It's probably 31 and i'm seeing double
  • RB: And that's why i've taken the very difficult decision that I should go
  • HD: That is why they have taken the very difficult decision that I should go
  • RB: Having said that I think it's very important that the decision for future leadership should go to as many people as possible in the wider party
  • HD: Stop Ming, Stop Ming!
  • RB: Though having said that I think any of the candidates would make a very good leader
  • HD: Stop Ming!
  • RB: In conclusion, could I just say I think the Liberal Democrats are in a healthy state, I think we can go on place ourself strategically in a good postition and go on from strength to strength and learn from this
  • HD: I love you

Stand Up, Sit Down

Alternative Energy Sources The Unfit Society War on Terror
John Oliver Jo Brand Andy Parsons & Frankie Boyle


  • C.I.S.T. – Cameron Is Serious Threat
    • HD: Cameron Impersonates Sensitive Tory.
    • JO: Caution, Imminent Spectacular Trick.
    • JB: Crotch In Saddle Trap.
    • AP: Cameron In Stabilisers Test.
    • HD: [Cameron Is] second Thatcher.
    • JB: [Cameron Is] second Tony.

Dating Videos

  • HD:
Ruth Kelly
  • RB:
Sven-Göran Eriksson

Scenes We'd Like To See

  • The wrong thing to say on your first day in the army.
  • Bad things for the England manger to be caught saying.
  • Ill advised things for a Lib Dem leadership candidate to say.
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