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Episode 8
Title Series 2, Episode 2
Air date 27 January 2006
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Gina Yashere
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team John Oliver
Rory Bremner
Al Murray
Result Hugh and Frankie's team won
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The second episode of the second series was first broadcast on the 27 January 2006.


Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Gina Yashere 1st appearance
Rory's team John Oliver 5th appearance
Al Murray 2nd appearance


If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?[]

  • AM: How's Charles Kennedy?
  • FB: Statistacally what are the worst words to use on your CV?
  • HD: Name 3 acting faces that Ross Kemp can't manage?
  • GY: How does someone over 40 feel when trying to download stuff from ITunes?
  • RB: The 3 dwarfes that failed the audition?
  • JO: You are on an adventure holiday in the Amazonian Forest, in the morning you ask your guide how he is, what do you not want to hear?

Bombshell Phonecalls[]


  • Frankie Boyle as Vladimir Putin
  • Rory Bremner as Tony Blair

Spinning the News[]

The Ageing Population Tony Blair's Respect Agenda Living with Terror
John Oliver Gina Yashere Al Murray & Frankie Boyle


  • L.D.L.C. – Liberal Democrat Leadership Crisis
    • FB: Liberal Democrats Love Cock
    • RB: Loser, Deviant, Lefty and Codger
    • FB: Liberal Democrat Limedancing Challenge
    • RB:
    • GY: Lib Dems Loose Cannons
    • RB: [Lib Dems] Lack Charisma
    • AM: [Lib Dems] Like Crisps
    • GY: [Lib Dems Leadership's] Crap
    • HD: Liberal Democrat's Leadership Contest

Ask The Politicians[]

  • DÓ: Host
  • RB: David Blunkett
  • HD: A Tory spokesman
  • AM: Voice for the silent majority
  • GY: South London councillor
  • FB: Member of the audience
    (Question: What does the panel think should be done about Bird Flu?)
  • JO: Member of the audience
    (Question 1: To the panel think what they do in their private life affects how well they do their job as a politician?)
    (Question 2: Who are the panel's modern day heroes?)

Scenes We'd Like To See[]

Main article: Scenes We'd Like To See: Series 2, Episode 2
  • Cliff hanger lines from a political soap opera.
  • Things George Galloway would never say.
  • Words you'd never hear from a news reader.

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