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Episode 10
Title Series 2, Episode 4
Air date 10 February 2006
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Sandi Toksvig
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team Andy Parsons
David Mitchell
John Oliver
Result Andy, David and John won
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The fourth episode of the second series was first broadcast on the 10 February 2006. Rory Bremner did not feature in this episode despite being the incumbent captain of the team on the right.


Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Sandi Toksvig 1st appearance
Guest team Andy Parsons 5th appearance
David Mitchell 4th appearance
John Oliver 6th appearance



  • H.I.F.G. – Hamza Is Found Guilty
    • HD: Hamza Is Failed Gynaecologist
    • FB: Hamza Invented Fingerless Gloves
    • AP: Hand Is Friggin Gone
    • ST: Hamza Is Foreign Git

Between the Lines[]

Hugh Dennis tells us what Queen Elizabeth II (Sandi Toksvig) is really saying about the anniversary of her 54th year on the throne.

  • ST: My most loyal and trusted subjects
  • HD: Dear chavs
  • ST: As one approaches one's 80th birthday one can hardly believe that one has reigned for quite so long
  • HD: As one approaches one's 80th birthday, Prince Charles can hardly believe one has reigned for quite so long
  • ST: I've tried to be a modern monarch in touch with all my peoples across the globe
  • HD: High-Five, big show to the Commonwealth possy
  • ST: During my reign I have had many great joys and triumphs
  • HD: Yesterday I won a 7 horse accumulator at London
  • ST: I've also watched the nation change many times for the better
  • HD: 'cept for the trains, they're shit
  • ST: But there have also been times of terrible lorse (loss)
  • HD: But there have also been times of terrible loss
  • ST: Lorse (loss)
  • HD: Loss
  • ST: I lorst (lost) things
  • HD: My yacht, my private train, Zimbabwe

360° of News[]

The Environment The Royals Smoking
John Oliver Frankie Boyle Hugh Dennis & Andy Parsons

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?[]

World News
  • Answer: Butter, Mascara and Pumping Equipment
  • Question: What Danish exports are being boycotted in the Middle East after the publication of an offensive cartoon?
  • FB: What are the top 3 methods to encourage pandas to mate?
  • DM: What was Barbara Cartland found to be made of after her death?
  • JO: What is the most unusual bag of groceries that a contestant has ever emptied onto the Ready, Steady, Cook table?
  • HD: What are the international call signs for B, M, P?
  • JO: The A-team could bring peace to the Middle East if they were stuck in a room with what items?
  • DM: What do you need a lot of if you want to drain a lake and then fill it with butter and mascara?
  • AP: What should you take if you are going to a party in Michael Barrymore's house?
  • ST: Is it the Danish thing?

Scenes We'd Like To See[]

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  • Unlikely things for Winter Olympics commentator to say.
  • What you don't want to hear in a NHS hospital.
  • Commercials that never made it to air.

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