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Episode 36
Title Series 5, Episode 10
Air date 13 September 2007
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Ed Byrne
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team Andy Parsons
Gina Yashere
Russell Howard
Result Andy and Russell's team won
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The tenth episode of the fifth series was first broadcast on the 13 September 2007.


Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Ed Byrne 6th appearance
Andy and Russell's team Gina Yashere 6th appearance



  • N.O.T.R. – New Osama Tape Released
    • FB: Nuns On The Run
    • RH: New Osama Topshop Range
    • GY: Now On Terrorists Reunited
    • RH: Naughty Osama's Titty Ranch (Title for a pornographic film)
    • FB: Never Order The Rohypnol
    • HD: "Never On Target, Ruhahahahha"
    • FB: Nuts On The Road
    • HD: "Now, Our Tie-breaker Round"
    • HD: New Offers This Ramadan
    • GY: New Osama, Trinny's Recomendations
    • AP: Needs Orgasm To Relax
    • RH: No Orgasm, Try Rimming
    • AP: Never Open That Rucksack
Green indicates unbroadcast suggestions released on the first Too Hot For TV DVD.

Don't Put Your Nuts on the Road[]

Homelessness Taxis Transport Celebrity
Russell Howard Ed Byrne Andy Parsons Frankie Boyle

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?[]

  • Answer: Middlesbrough, Rhyl and Liverpool
  • Question: Areas of which towns have the lowest expectancy of a healthy life?
  • GY: In which 3 towns are you consdiered a lesbian if you're over 14 and haven't got 6 kids?
  • AP: Where are the 3 largest Lidl's in the country?
  • HD: Can you name 3 places that RyanAir claim are just outside Dubrovnik?
  • FB: My car's been stolen and cut into 3 pieces, where is it?
  • EB: What now constitutes a world tour for Jim Davidson?
  • AP: What 3 places did the British Health Board name as the axis of chips?
  • FB: What are the first 3 chapters of the book 'Places Not to Grow up Gay?'
  • FB: What can you buy for 50 nectar points?

Scenes We'd Like To See[]

  • What a news reporter would never say.
  • Unlikely letters to be read out on Points of View.

Too Hot For TV extras[]

Main article: Mock the Week: Too Hot For TV
  • The title for the episode is "Nuts, Pies and Nim Nim Nim".
  • At the beginning Dara claims that Frankie purchased the regular panel a mid-season gift.
    • DÓ: A statue whereby his soul can flee to at the point of death.
    • HD: A box to store the souls of his enemies.
    • RH: A sword which belonged to a rabid monkey.
    • AP: £110.

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