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Episode 30
Title Series 5, Episode 4
Air date 2 August 2007
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Adam Hills
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team Andy Parsons
Jo Caulfield
Russell Howard
Result Hugh and Frankie's team won
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The fourth episode of the fifth series was first broadcast on the 2 August 2007.


Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Adam Hills 2nd appearance
Andy and Russell's team Jo Caulfield 3rd appearance



  • B.C.S.R. – Brown Continues Special Relationship
    • RH: Buggy Contains Stupid Redneck
    • FB: Bush Chooses Scottish Rentboy
    • JC: Bush Can't Spell Relationship
    • AP: Blowjob Cements Special Relationship
    • HD: Bush Coming Scoob, Rikes
    • AP: Brilliant Chance, Sniper Required

Stand Up, Stand Off, To The Death![]

Television Australia The Royals Osama Bin Laden
Jo Caulfield Adam Hills Frankie Boyle Andy Parsons

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?[]

  • Answer: 8.6 Million a Day
  • Question: How many photographs are being uploaded onto Facebook?
  • AH: How much does a high street bank charge for being £10 overdrawn on your account?
  • FB: How many things happen?
  • AP: How many free minutes would it take for me to sign up to T-Mobile again?
  • JC: The amount of peadofiles The Daily Mail say are released from prison every day?
  • FB: How much money is being lost by the Moorman musical 200 Brides for 7 Brothers?
  • AP: 5 fruit and veg per day is supposed to be good for you, what would be bad for you?
  • FB: How many hits Facebook gets?


Hugh Dennis voices the Duke of Edinburgh as well as the other, minor role, people.

Scenes We'd Like To See[]

  • Unlikely lines to hear on a science programme.
  • Questions omitted from the British citizenship.

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