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Episode 34
Title Series 5, Episode 8
Air date 30 August 2007
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Alun Cochrane
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team Andy Parsons
Ed Byrne
Russell Howard
Result Hugh and Frankie's team won
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The eighth episode of the fifth series was first broadcast on the 30 August 2007.


Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Alun Cochrane 1st appearance
Andy and Russell's team Ed Byrne 5th appearance



  • P.T.S.D. – Prescott To Stand Down
    • RH: Penis Tickled Surprises Drunk
    • HD: Put That Sausage Down
    • FB: Prescott To Swallow Dorset
    • AP: Prescott's Testicles Suddenly Descended
    • FB: Prescott's Tired Scrotum Disintegrates
    • HD: Please Tow Stand and Deliver
    • EB: Posh's Terrible Surgery Disaster
    • FB: Pies, Twixies, Sausages, Dumplings
    • FB: Pulmonary Thrombosis Sudden Death
    • AP: Prescott Tries Shagging Donut
    • EB: Prescott Tries Speed Dating
    • RH: Prescott Tries Sexy Dance
    • AC: Prescott Tries Swallowing Dwarf
    • FB: Prescott's Testicles Shaved Daily
Green indicates unbroadcast suggestions released on the first Too Hot For TV DVD

Monsters of Mock[]

Kids The Smoking Ban Television Global Warming
Ed Byrne Alun Cochrane Frankie Boyle Andy Parsons

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?[]

  • Answer: Sparrows, Otters and Hedgehogs
  • Question: Name three endangered species on a recently updated government list?
  • AC: What does Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's breath smell of?
  • AP: What is the least popular Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavour?
  • FB: What is the top-selling porn mag in Norfolk?
  • AP: Who are the entrants in Simon Cowell's new TV show "The Woodland's Got Talent?"
  • RH: Name 3 of the deadliest gangs in Royal Tunbridge Wells?
  • FB: As a child, what did I dress in military uniform to re-enact the Battle of Stalingrad, the German forces being played as a lawnmower?

Scenes We'd Like To See[]

Main article: Scenes We'd Like To See: Series 5, Episode 8
  • Things An Athletics Commentator Would Never Say.
  • The Worst Thing To Say When Running For U.S. Preseident.

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