Episode 47
Title Series 6, Episode 9
Air date 4 September 2008
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Michael McIntyre
Hugh Dennis
Frankie Boyle
Right team Andy Parsons
Lauren Laverne
Russell Howard
Result Hugh and Frankie's team won
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The ninth episode of the sixth series was first broadcast on the 4 September 2008.


Team Guest #
Hugh and Frankie's team Michael McIntyre 5th appearance
Andy and Russell's team Lauren Laverne 2nd appearance


If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?Edit

  • Answer: 1
  • Question: How many times had presidential candidate John McCain met Sarah Palin before choosing her as his running mate?
    • LL: How many Chancellors [of the Exchequer] does it take to put the shits up in an economy?
    • FB: What grade of haircut can Andy Parsons only dream off?
    • RH: What's God's PIN number?
    • FB: Let's be honest, when does life start to go downhill?
    • HD: What might a one-legged man repeat to himself over and over again while marching?
    • AP: How many times did Charles and Di have sex?
    • FB: In what year did Jesus have a holiday booked that he never got to go on?
    • MM: What does the average viewer of Jeremy Kyle think the alphabet begins with?
    • FB: In what year did John McCain first run for President?
    • AP: What is the most popular boy's name in Spain?
    • LL: The average number of dead bears per room in Sarah Palin's house.

Danger, Danger, Subatomic Joke ColliderEdit

Television Modern Living Drugs Grooming
Frankie Boyle Andy Parsons Russell Howard Michael McIntyre


  • D.I.R.B. – Darling In Recession Blunder
    • AP: Darling Is Really Badger
    • LL: Darling Indicates Remaining Buddy
    • RH: Darling Initiates Rap Battle
    • FB: Doorway Into Reading Business Park
    • MM: Darlings I-brows Really Black°
    • RH: Disco Inventor Resurrects Boogie
    • FB: Darling Inuit Robot Butler
Red indicates the use of a large word with an incorrect initial.
° McIntyre claimed to be using the word eyebrows spelt in SMS language.

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

  • Lines you wouldn't hear in a sci-fi film.
  • Things you wouldn't hear on the radio.

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