Episode 67
Title Series 8, Episode 3
Air date 4 February 2010
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Stewart Francis
Hugh Dennis
Andrew Maxwell
Right team Andy Parsons
Andi Osho
Russell Howard
Result Andy and Russell's team won
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The third episode of the eighth series was first broadcast on the 4 February 2010.


Team Guest #
Hugh's team Andrew Maxwell 1st appearance
Stewart Francis 5th appearance
Andy and Russell's team Andi Osho 1st appearance



  • B.G.B.C. – Blair Grilled By Chilcot
    • RH: Britaain's Greatest Bullshitter Celebrates
    • AP: Blair's Guiltfree Bloodstain Conscience
    • HD: Bomb Germany, Bomb China
    • SF: Blair, Great Britain's Catastrophe
    • AO: Balder, Greyer, Besotted by Cash
    • AM: Blair Given Blue Cordon
    • AP: Bullets, Guns, Bombs, Choppers (What the British army never had going to war)
    • HD: Bush's Grinning Bum Chum


Hugh Dennis voices Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Hillary Clinton and Boris Johnson.

Who Will Be the Sheriff of Mockingham?Edit

Nationality Family Work Shopping
Andrew Maxwell Andi Osho Stewart Francis Russell Howard

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?Edit

  • Answer: 2035
  • Question: What year was it assumed that the Himalayas Glaciers would disappear?

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

  • Unlikely things to hear in a fitness video.
  • Unlikely lines to hear in a Hollywood blockbuster.

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