Episode 80
Title Series 9, Episode 10
Air date 30 September 2010
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Carl Donnelly
Hugh Dennis
Chris Addison
Right team Andy Parsons
Andi Osho
Jack Whitehall
Result Andy's team won
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The tenth episode of the ninth series was first broadcast on the 30 September 2010.


Team Guest #
Hugh's team Chris Addison 7th appearance
Carl Donnelly 1st appearance
Andy's team Andi Osho 3rd appearance
Jack Whitehall 4th appearance



  • E.M.D.B. – Ed Miliband Defeats Brother
    • CA: Eenie Meenie Dibble Bibble (How Ed Miliband was chosen)
    • HD: Ed Marvelous Doublecrossing Bastard
    • AO: Ed Make Dat Bed (David Miliband threating Ed)
    • AP: Elder Miliband Derserves BAFTA
    • JW: Eradicate My Dad's Bollocks (What David Miliband should have done the minuate he was born)
    • HD: Ernie Marginally Defeats Bert
    • CD: Ed Miliband Disguises Boner
    • AP: Evil Marx's Dictator Bastard


  • Hugh Dennis voices the Royal Family

Eat, Pray, MockEdit

Food Identity Young People
Carl Donnelly Andi Osho Jack Whitehall

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?Edit

  • Answer: 7 years
  • Question: How much time has Delhi had to prepare for the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

Main article: Scenes We'd Like To See: Series 9, Episode 10
  • Unlikely Things To Hear In a Quiz Show
  • Lines You Wouldn't Hear In An Action Movie

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