Episode 72
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Title Series 9, Episode 2
Air date 24 June 2010
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Nik Rabinowitz
Hugh Dennis
Jack Whitehall
Right team Andy Parsons
Jarred Christmas
Russell Howard
Result Hugh's team won
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The second episode of the ninth series was first broadcast on the 24 June 2010.


Team Guest #
Hugh's team Jack Whitehall 3rd appearance
Nik Rabinowitz 1st appearance
Andy and Russell's team Jarred Christmas 1st appearance



  • C.A.E.B. – Coalition Announces Emergency Budget
    • AP: Cameron And Errand Boy
    • RH: Coats And Everyones' Bags (What Nick Clegg is in charge of)
    • JW: Carry On an Economic Balls Up (Worst ever Carry On film)
    • HD: Care Homes, Army, Education, Busses (Things we cannot afford)
    • NR: Crap Advert for Elite Breeding
    • RH: "Crikey, Anyone Except Barrymore"
    • AP: Coffers Are Empty. Bollocks.
    • AP: Cowell Assembles Evil Boy Band
Red indicates the use of a large word with an incorrect initial.

George Osborne's Big Red Budget MocksEdit

Nationality South Africa Charity
Jarred Christmas Nik Rabinowitz Jack Whitehall

If this is the answer, what is the question?Edit

  • Answer: 3.5 Billion
  • Question: How much will the World Cup cost South Africa?

Scenes We'd Like To SeeEdit

  • Unlikely lines to read in the Bible.
  • Things you won't hear your sat nav say

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