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Episode 78
Title Series 9, Episode 8
Air date 16 September 2010
Host Dara Ó Briain
Left team Stewart Francis
Hugh Dennis
Miles Jupp
Right team Andy Parsons
Ed Byrne
Micky Flanagan
Result Hugh's team won
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The eighth episode of the ninth series was first broadcast on the 16 September 2010.


Team Guest #
Hugh's team Miles Jupp 1st appearance
Stewart Francis 7th appearance
Andy's team Ed Byrne 15th appearance
Micky Flanagan 2nd appearance



  • L.B.I.T. – Leadership Battle Increasingly Tight
    • AP: Local Boyband Includes Transvestite
    • SF: Lady Between Identical Twits
    • HD: Leopard Butchered Into Toga (About Diane Abbott's dress)
    • EB: Lads, Boys, Introducing Token
    • AP: Liking Blair Is Treason
    • SF: Look, Barack Initiated This
    • HD: Labour Blinging Init Ting
    • MJ: L'Oréal, Because I'm Turgid
    • HD: "Look It's a Badger I'm Telling You" (About the white streak in David Miliband's hair)
    • EB: Labour Becoming Increasingly Tory

The Wheels on the Popemobile Go Round and Round[]

Transport Marriage Parenting
Miles Jupp Stewart Francis Micky Flanagan

If This Is the Answer, What Is the Question?[]

Home News
  • Answer: Animals, Candles and Alcohol
  • Question: What items are amongst those banned from the public events hosted by Pope Benedict XVI while in the UK?

Scenes We'd Like To See[]

Main article: Scenes We'd Like To See: Series 9, Episode 8
  • Unlikely Lines To Hear In a Kids' Film
  • Things You Wouldn't Hear In a Cookery Show

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