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Spinning The News
The opening topic from series 7, episode 1


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Participants №

Formerly 3, 4 or 6

First episode

Series 1, Episode 1

Final episode


№ of episodes

197 (Excluding clip shows)

Spinning The News is a game that takes place in the Performance Area and first appeared in the first episode.


On the screen is a Random News Generator with several topics on it. A topic is picked at random, and one of the players has to perform a piece about the topic it has landed on.

Number of participants[]

In the first series all six players took part, but from the second series onward, either three or four take part. From the seventh series there have been some episodes where more then one panelist from a team participate instead of an equal number from each team. Since Series 12 the number is reduced to only one per team (usually a guest).

Deciding the winner[]

Until series three, Dara would judge whether the audience had laughed enough at the routine, and decide whether or not the person was allowed to sit down. The first team to have all their players sat down would win. If one player from each team was left standing, sudden death would come into effect. A random topic was picked and both players had to talk about it. The team of whoever got the biggest laugh would win. Since series three, this has been removed, and the biggest laugh now decides the winner.

List of topics and panelists[]

Main article: List of Spinning the News topics


Since series two, Dara has changed the name of this round each episode, sometimes as a reference to a recent event. Examples of this include Dara's Supercasino: Make-a-Joke Roulette in the week that the Manchester Supercasino was announced, and the Four By One Joke Relay with which jokes are judged upon difficulty and artistic merit, during the Beijing Olympic Games, as well as the NHS Revolving Door of Happiness

Complete list of names[]

This is the list of every name for this round in alphabetical order.

  • 24 Hour Binge Joking Epidemic
  • 360° of News
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Wheel of News
  • Ashley Cole Just Sent Me a Picture of His Mock
  • Britain's Got Jokes
  • Carousel of News
  • Chariots of News
  • Chortle Combat
  • Colonel Gaggafi
  • Comedy News Shuffle
  • Danger, Danger, Subatomic Joke Collider
  • Dara's Deep Pan Pizza of Fun
  • Dara's News Laughter Fun Dial
  • Don't Put Your Nuts on the Road
  • Don't Stop 'Till You Get a Laugh
  • Eamonn Holmes Is Hungry For Jokes
  • Excess Gaggage
  • Four Horsemen of the Amockalypse
  • George Osborne's Big Red Budget Mocks
  • Harry Potter and the Wheel of News
  • If Only Three People Do This Round We Can All Mock Off Early
  • Illegally Drilling the Alaskan Joke Reserve
  • It's Only Mock 'n' Drool But I Like It
  • Jokeo Ono
  • Lady Gagag
  • Le Cercle de L'actualité
  • Life Is Like a Box of Mockolates
  • Loose Men
  • Mocked Out In the Quarter Finals as Usual
  • Mock Mock! Who's There?
  • Mockter Quinn, Medicine Woman
  • Mock the Nine O'clock News
  • Mock Up Your Daughters
  • Mock You I Won't Do What You Tell Me
  • Monsters of Mock
  • Newsercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • News, Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round
  • News Wheel of Death
  • NHS Revolving Door of Happiness
  • Northern Mock
  • No Wheel of News is Good News
  • On The Spot
  • President Bagag Ohaha
  • Rotating News Wheel Stand Up Challenge Thing
  • Round and Round and Round It Goes, Where It Lands Do Some Jokes
  • Spinning The News
  • Spin On This
  • Spin The News Bottle
  • Stand Up and Joke Off
  • Stand Up, Sit Down
  • Stand Up Stand Off, to the Death!
  • Stick or Twist
  • Super Casino, Make a Joke Roulette
  • The 4 by 1 Joke Relay
  • The Three Mocketeers
  • The Wheels on the Popemobile Go Round and Round
  • Thief of Gaghdad
  • Thinking Outside the Mocks
  • This Isn't Just News, This is a Wheel of News
  • Topical Roulette
  • Topical Whirly Gag
  • Wayne Ronney's Threesome of Fun
  • Wheel of News
  • Wheel of News 2: Wheel Harder
  • Who Will Be the Sheriff of Mockingham?
  • Who Will Win? Let Paul the Mocktopus Decide


This round is one of three that has appeared in every regular episode, the others being Headliners and Scenes We'd Like To See.

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